Landscaping And Gardening


Rooftop garden installation, landscape design, interior plants, tree trimming and pruning, residential lawn and commercial lawn care, gardening services—RM&K Services is a top-tier organization that offers these and other related offerings in London. 

Patios, gazebos, pergolas, pebbles, pavers, vertical gardens, fireplaces, walkways, pools, ponds, landscape irrigation services, water features, and a one-stop online shop for outdoor lighting, Garden lights, nursery planters, vegetables, hedging, mulching, snake plants, fall clean-up services, turf laying, and turf maintenance are all available from us, a landscape design firm that specializes in both landscaping and soft-soaping.

Services for Maintaining Outdoor Spaces

RM&K Services is a full-service landscaping company that also offers regular lawn care, bed maintenance, spring/fall clean-up, rooftop gardening, fertilization, seeding/sodding, grooming, perpetual weeding, irrigation sprinkler system maintenance, pruning/hedging, and more for both commercial and residential properties.

In general, both landscaping and gardening are concerned with the design and upkeep of outdoor areas for human use, although these two activities are distinct in important ways. Both may be enjoyed as pastimes or pursued professionally in any size yard, park, golf course, or urban high-rise. Landscaping and gardening have certain similarities, although the boundary between the two is sometimes fuzzy and subjective.


Unlike landscaping, in which just the plants need attention, gardening considers the whole environment and its design, planning, and upkeep. The term “landscape” is used to describe the larger context in which the plants are found.

An Overview of Landscaping's Past

According to the J. Paul Getty Museum, the term “landscape” was first used by Dutch painters in the 16th century to denote landscape paintings of the ground. The contemporary English term “landscape,” which means an outside scene in a painting or photograph, is a loan from the Dutch language. Therefore, landscaping entails imagining an overall look for a certain area and then bringing that look to life. Trees, grass, bushes, and other plant life are just some of the living things that may be incorporated into a place via landscaping, along with hardscapes like walkways, patio sets, ponds, and walls.

Experts in Landscape Design

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Small-scale or residential designers may or may not collaborate with landscape contractors after completing their designs. Landscape contractors of RM&K Services carry out the plans of the architect or designer by constructing the necessary pieces and integrating the plants and other natural features. If a contractor just does landscaping and gardening work, they are a gardener.

Gardens and Landscapes

Gardening, like landscaping, is an activity that requires careful design, careful planning, and constant upkeep, but with gardening, the focus is often limited to the plants themselves. While landscape architects and gardeners may work together to create a garden and compile a list of plants, it is the gardeners who will be responsible for putting the seeds in the ground and caring for the garden until harvest time. A garden is one kind of landscape feature, but a landscape is more than simply the plants that are planted. Also, a space’s requirements will dictate whether a gardener or landscaper is required. For example, the landscaping demands of a public parking lot or an apartment complex will be very different from those of a backyard.


Specialists in Garden Design and Maintenance

Expert gardeners often have advanced degrees in related fields like botany or horticulture. Several professional gardeners may choose to finish a master gardener program. Training for a Master Gardener program often entails several hours of instruction from experts in the gardening and horticulture industries. The top-quality landscaping and gardening programs, for instance, call for more than 50 hours of teaching each year in addition to mandatory volunteer work and other training.

According to the National Landscaping and Gardening Association, gardening is a year-round hobby since gardens need maintenance and attention from a trained professional over many months or even years. Soil ecology, temperatures, plant physiology, water drainage, and insect infestations are just a few of the many natural processes that gardeners need to be familiar with, via either training or experience.